Custom Blend vs Commercial Oil

ULX110 is a custom-built lubricant and is manufactured slowly and with extreme care.

ULX110 goes through 3 or 4 times as many processes as commercial grade lubricants.

With ULX110 sales price is secondary to quality. The primary consideration is to build the very finest lubricant that can be produced for each specific purpose.

ULX110 is always manufactured from selected crudes known to be the very best for each specific application and are 100% paraffin based. Paraffin base crudes are higher priced than other crudes. Paraffin base crudes are acknowledged to be vastly superior in natural lubricating properties, especially in their high temperature resistance. Custom refining is a slow, thorough and mild method of removing impurities. The oil is not damaged and it retains all its desirable lubricating qualities. After dozens of independent dyno tests performed both in the USA and Australia,

ULX110 has proven itself as one of the finest motor oils money can buy. Not only in providing more horsepower and torque than any other oil on the market but more importantly providing it with less wear and more longevity.

From the raceway to the highway, if you are serious about protecting your investment, ULX110 is your motor oil.



– More horsepower – More torque
Every time…

We call it Liquid Horsepower!