Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Should I Change My Engine Oil?

Engine oil should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation approx every 10,000 – 20,000km depending on driving condition. Using ULX110 can extend this oil change interval especially with commercial vehicles. ULX110 is registered with Mack Trucks to 50,000 miles(80,000kms) oil drain intervals.

2. Do Mineral and Synthetic Oils Mix?

Mineral and synthetic oils do not mix. Synthetic oils contain Esters which can have a chemical effect on mineral oils. If your vehicle currently has synthetic oil in it and you wish to change to ULX110 mineral oil we recommend that you flush the engine out. Please call us at ULX110 Pty Ltd and we will explain the best way for you to go about this.

3. Should I Add an Oil Additive?

Oil additives that you see on the speed shop shelf should never be added to ULX110 Custom Blend Oil. ULX110 is specifically designed to contain all the properties necessary to give the maximum performance, longevity and benefit to your engine. Adding Oil additives can cause a harmful chemical reaction inside your engine.

4. Should I Change my oil filter every time I change engine oil?

You should always change your oil filter every time you change your oil as you want to get rid of all the contaminants that the oil filter was designed to pick up. Also oil filters carry about 500ml of oil in them and you need to discard this used oil as you do not want it mixing with your new oil.

5. How Does ULX110 Make Horsepower and Fuel Economy?

ULX110 has been designed to reduce internal friction by up to 30%. This reduction in friction in turn allows the engine to make more horsepower from 1 to 20 kw on average. When your engine makes more power it takes less throttle opening to go the same speed and therefore you use less fuel. The average gain in fuel economy by using ULX110 is 6.9%.

6.  Does changing your vehicle’s motor oil yourself or using a certain brand void your manufacturer’s warranty ?

Changing your vehicle’s motor oil yourself or using a different brand of oil from your manufacturer’s factory fill will not void the warranty. As long as the motor oil being used meets the manufacturer’s standards required for the vehicle (e.g. viscosity grade, type), as provided in the owner’s manual the warranty cannot be considered void.

7. When motor oil becomes dark, does that mean it’s time to change it?

This is not true. You cannot determine the life of motor oil by looking at its appearance since it may change color for several reasons. The only accurate way of determining the condition of your motor oil is by sending a 250ml sample to an independent SOS Oil Analysis Laboratory for testing.

8. Can I Ask A Question?

We would appreciate any questions you may have related to motor or gear oil. Please feel free to email ( or call us (Mobile: 0410 614 911). We will post relevant informative questions on this FAQ page.