Why Petroleum Oils are better than Synthetics!

There seems to be a certain amount of confusion about who makes the best motor oil. A lot of emphasis today is put on synthetic oils. Comparably, as synthetic oils are becoming more widely used their short comings are becoming more pronounced. Engine builders are expressing problems with detonation due to poor wiping of synthetic oils coupled with the fact that synthetic oil does not burn as easily as do petroleum oils. As the piston returns on compression stroke, the oil that didn’t wipe completely off is forced on top of the piston and since it doesn’t burn, it will pile up on the top of the piston and up compression until you get detonation.

Another problem expressed is leaking due to; the reaction of synthetic base stocks with gaskets and seals, and because of the very nature of the thin viscosity. Synthetic oil base stock contains no solvent quality therefore resulting in a greater problem in carbon and sludge builds up.

Cylinder scuffing piston scuffing are serious problems associated with the thin viscosity of synthetic. Competition racing requires getting the most horsepower out of an engine as possible. This must be tempered with ability of a lubricant to protect the engine.

Most people do not have unlimited funds to gain the very max in HP at the sacrifice of the engine. It’s time for engine oil that gives the HP gains synthetic oils do and at the same time protect the engine even better than the heavy petroleum oils used for many years. Using a top quality premium solvent neutral base stock with an additive package that incorporates some synthetic additive packages along with newest technology VI improvers and friction modifiers the ability to manufacture a truly custom blend oil that is far superior to any petroleum and meets and exceeds HP gains with synthetic oils is a reality.

This is the need ULX110 has addressed.