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ULX110 Gear Oil 80w90

Description: ULX110 EP Gear Oil is a red colored multipurpose gear lubricant with a superior additive package that far exceeds all manufacturers requirements, for differentials, manual transmissions, worm gears, power dividers and all gear boxes that require a gear lubricant.

Composition: Our premium quality base stocks are blended with specialty additives not found in commercial gear lubes, such as an oil soluble organic molybdenum, two extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, adhesive and cohesive tackifier, and a viscosity stabilizer to reduce thinning under high temperature and extreme pressure application.  The corrosion inhibitors, anti foam, demulsifiers and pour point depressants allow for a wide range of operating temperatures.

Performance: ULX110 EP gear oil provides maximum extreme pressure and super high shock load protection with a 70# Timken OK load rating and a completely oil soluble molybdenum which will withstand 350,000 lb.. P.S.I. shock loading.  The natural affinity of molybdenum to metals causes it to plate out on metal to metal contact and provide extremely high pressure protection even when the lube is not present.  Tests reveal a 38% reduction in friction, up to 60% reduction in bearing wear and a 20 to 25 degree temperature reduction, compared to lubes not containing this additive.  Our lube will provide maximum protection even under abusive situations. Applications

Applications:  ULX110 EP gear oils meet or exceeds the following:

  • CRC 3000 A/B; MIL-L-2105D;
  • Borg-Warner:  I-H BT-10;
  • ASTM D-665B;
  • AGMA Specifications 250.04 & 251.02;
  • API Service Classifications GL2, GL3, GL4, GL5;
  • SQM 2C9003-AA (Fork Germany);
  • Fiat(LS Differentials);
  • DCEA (French Army).

Uses: Consult service manual for correct SAE weight recommendations and specifications.  Recommended as a service fill of axles, manual transmissions, transfer cases and power dividers, differentials, all heavy duty hypoid and spiral bevel axles, all automotive and industrial worm gears, and including conventional axles using phosphate treated gears, and all tractor or square cut gears. Suitable for all Limited Slip differentials.

CAUTION:Do not ingest.  If this should occur, drink large volumes of water and seek medical attention.  Avoid storage of product in freezing temperatures.  Keep container sealed when not in use.  Rinse empty container before discarding in an authorized landfill site.



Typical Specifications 80w/90
Flash F: 480
Fire F: 440
Pour F: -20
Viscosity cSt @ 40C: 188.8
Viscosity cSt @ 100C: 18.2
Viscosity Index: 106
ASTM D-982-58T Foam Test: No Foam
Sulphur % by weight: 0.17
Thermal Stability: Excellent
Color: Red
ULX 2.25%
Timken OK Load Rating: 70