Engine Oils

5w/20    5w/30    10w/30    10w/40    10w/50    20w/50   25w/70   65wt 15w/40(diesel supreme)   5w/30(vw 504/507)  20w/40 & 30wt(run in)

ULX110 engine oils are a new concept in petroleum base oils. Advancement in the last few years of specialty additives such as detergency, EP, viscosity stabilizers, and improvers and friction modifiers are needed to meet the needs of today’s transportation vehicles. This product is designed to insure optimum performance in a widevariety of mixed fleet equipment under the most adverse operating conditions.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • O.E.M Mack Truck Company approval of 40,000 miles oil service intervals.
  • Meets MIL-L2104E (which supersedes MIL-2104D for heavy duty engines, MIL-L-45199B for supercharged diesels)
  • Meets MIL-L46152D for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Meets API service classifications
  • Exceeds the performance requirements of:
    • Detroit Diesels, Detroit Diesel CD-II, Mack,EO-J and EO-K/2, Caterpillar S-3 , Caterpillar TO-2, Volvo B-20, MIL-L-46152D,MIL-L-2104E, and Ford, Chrysler, and I.H. requirements for Alkyl Zinc
    • Exceeds ASTM Sequence Test IIC, IIIE and VE